NEW OFFERING! Quaranteam Classes

Tenn Little Birds is offering a "Quaranteam" option for the Fall session at your home.  Each team will choose a Team Captain that will host class for your pod. As Team Captain, you agree to have classes held outside at your home, with 4 to 6 other families that you recruit, we anticipate this would be your friends and family. (As per CDC guidelines, no more than 20 people per class and the families MUST be the same each week.) The total price for the 8-week session with the Bongos Collection music is $1350. Four week sessions are also available for $700 featuring our Family Favorites music.  All pricing includes materials (CD & Songbook) for each family and 45 minute session each week.  The Team Captain will communicate with TLB Director, Allison Link, and communicate details of each Quaranteam member as well as collect waivers from each family. The Team Captain is responsible to pay Tenn Little Birds the full tuition and can collect tuition from each team member to pay themselves back.  All participants will be required to sign a waiver and agree to stay home if anyone in their family is feeling unwell.  Bad weather will move the class to a Zoom format. 

Advantages of a Quaranteam:

  • It is at your home, no need to get in the car to go somewhere
  • You and your team receive a personal Music Together expereince
  • You decide who is in your class, limiting your family's exposure
  • You pick the day, time and teacher (depending upon availability)
  • You can cut yourself a break on tuition since you are the Quaranteam Captain


Contact Allison Link via email at when you are ready to become the Captian of your personal Quaranteam or if you have any questions.  If you'd rather talk it through on the phone, feel free to reach out at 615-358-8544.